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We thank each and every customer for their association with us and we are pleased to be at your service. Here’s what few of our happy customers have to say:

Hi there! I’m a biker and i love to burn the heat on road and wear my leather gears. I ordered leather pants from Dickens Brothers and tell you what they are so comfortable!! (even though they are leather pants ;p) I have become a big fan of their collection. – “Mike Shiver(USA)”

Hey fellas, I got my jacket today – It is perfect and awesome. It fits me so well. Thank you for a smooth and successful transaction! keep up the good work! – “Candice (Canada)”

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Dos and Don’ts of Leather Care

Leather garments are one of the most tricky and demanding fabric in terms of care. There is a strict cleaning regime you must follow in order to keep your leather clothes looking nice and new. Here are some handy tips.

If you spill some liquid or food on the garment do not use water. Simply use absorbent towels and take it to a professional cleaner if the stain is still visible.

Leather garments do not like direct sun so make sure to wrap it in a breathable cotton cover and put it in a cool airy place to keep the moisture away.

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