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We thank each and every customer for their association with us and we are pleased to be at your service. Here’s what few of our happy customers have to say:

Hi there! I’m a biker and i love to burn the heat on road and wear my leather gears. I ordered leather pants from Dickens Brothers and tell you what they are so comfortable!! (even though they are leather pants ;p) I have become a big fan of their collection. – “Mike Shiver(USA)”

Hey fellas, I got my jacket today – It is perfect and awesome. It fits me so well. Thank you for a smooth and successful transaction! keep up the good work! – “Candice (Canada)”

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Select The Right Fabric

If you have enrolled for sewing classes, you will discover numerous options in fabrics. Different sewing projects require different fabrics; it is an important choice that you have to make while learning sewing. As a beginner, you will prefer to work on the fabrics that are easy to use for you.

The price of the fabric is also something that you have to keep in mind as a beginner

Experimental stage : If you have just started doing sewing tasks and you are not familiar with it, then buying an expensive fabric can prove as a bad idea. You may end up spending a lot of money on the fabric and the mistakes that you will do while sewing will completely damage the fabric. Thus, you should prefer using an affordable fabric.

FreeStyle Project : However, if you wish to work on a freestyle project and you have some kind of experience in sewing, then you should prefer to use modern fabric store. There are many qualities, styles, and colors that you can find in this fabric. You can find many dealers online that offer a wide range of options in modern fabrics.

Examine the fabric well : It is essential to examine the fabric before you purchase it. While shopping online, you can go through the details of the fabric that you wish to purchase. Most websites provide proper details of the fabrics that they offer, this gives you the liberty to choose the one that you like the most.

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