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Hi there! I’m a biker and i love to burn the heat on road and wear my leather gears. I ordered leather pants from Dickens Brothers and tell you what they are so comfortable!! (even though they are leather pants ;p) I have become a big fan of their collection. – “Mike Shiver(USA)”

Hey fellas, I got my jacket today – It is perfect and awesome. It fits me so well. Thank you for a smooth and successful transaction! keep up the good work! – “Candice (Canada)”

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Different Types Of Nightwear For Women

Nowadays, fashion and comfort go on hand in hand and are moderated in different ratios to suit each and every category. However, neither of them can be eliminated, which is why women’s nightwear has also become a prime subject for it.

There are some expressive novelty nightwear collections for women with different shapes and styles that match the times. Not only this but these nightwears are also designed, keeping in mind their sleep preferences. Here are some of the different types of nightwear in fashion that women prefer.

Sleep shirts

These are the perfect choice for women during humid climates to prevent discomfort and irritation around. These shirts provide great ventilation and make the area around their bodies really airy. There are different design orientations that one can choose from as per their comfort and style preference from short to rolled sleeves or even long sleeves for colder climates. These shirts are featured with some peaky and funky prints like those of cartoons or floral prints that give a really relaxing mood to the wearer.


This one is a great choice for women who like to maintain a cute and childish aura around them. It is the best fit for their personality and style. The best part about nightdresses is that they fit every body type and shape and there is no physical preference as such. They are yet again very favorable for humid weather to provide comfort to the wearer. They are also built light and can again feature some light-styled and funny prints as per the wearer’s preference.